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Massage Therapy

Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Everything in your body is connected. Your muscles and your bones work in unison with one another. So, if there is an issue with one bone or muscle, it can cause problems throughout the rest of your body. That is why here at Quinn Chiropractic Center in Arroyo Grande, we use massage therapy to reduce pain and bring balance to the body. Massage therapy alleviates muscle pain and stiffness, promotes blood flow, and eliminates cramps and spasms. Massage therapy also helps those with chronic illnesses, injuries, training for sports, and overall wellness.


How Massage Therapy Can Help

A chiropractic massage can be beneficial for patients at any stage of their life. It improves circulation in the veins and arteries and often lowers blood pressure. It relieves pain, stress, and strengthens the immune system. Our team will recommend the right massage therapy for your condition. We use different types of massage therapy treatments depending on the patient’s condition.

Common Types of Massage Therapy

A deep tissue massage heals injuries from accidents, chronic pain, limited mobility, accidents, muscle strain, carpal tunnel, and chronic illnesses. It focuses on treating deep tissue layers and muscles. Our team will apply heat or ice packs to relieve the pain after a massage. Often, deep tissue massage is combined with exercise therapy that can be done at home to increase movement and reduce pain. We use this massage therapy to manage pain and improve mobility in more serious chronic illnesses and injuries.

Sports massage is a regular massage with special stretching exercises designed to do at our office or home. Often, we use this to treat athletes and patients who work out. It can help the healing process of sports injuries and relieve muscle pain. Our chiropractor can design special exercises to help patients strengthen their arms, legs, back, and muscles.

Trigger point therapy is a form of massage therapy used by our team to treat muscle tension, mobility, and pain. Our chiropractor will massage trigger points that cause pain in the body. We use this treatment to help align the spine and soothe pain in the body.

How Many Massage Therapy Sessions Do You Need?

How many sessions you may need depends on the type of health concern being treated, whether it is part of a treatment or preventive care plan, the progressive results of each session, and your overall health goal. Our chiropractor will work with you to determine how many massage therapy sessions will be required in your specific case.

Contact Us for Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Arroyo Grande

If you are suffering from stress or pain, contact our team for quality treatment. Here at Quinn Chiropractic Center, we strive to provide patients in and around Arroyo Grande with the right kind of care they need. Contact us to start your path to living a pain-free life. We look forward to finding the right massage therapy for you. 

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Serving: The 5 cities area including: Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, and Oceano as well as, San Luis Obispo area since 1994.



  • "Dr. Quinn is knowledgeable, highly skilled, personable chiropractor. His treatments surpass those of other chiropractors I have seen over my lifetime. Currently, I am receiving treatment due to whiplash that occurred when my car was rear-ended at a red light.

    My treatment includes weekly re-evaluation, chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic massage, and intersegmental traction. Dr Quinn also recommended my need for a podiatrist. The podiatrist found several treatable problems. Now my health keeps improving, but without his informed doctor's wisdom I would not have known the extent of help available to me. I am most grateful for Dr. John Quinn's excellent care and highly recommend him and his staff."

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